SoundCloud Whitelist

SoundCloud Whitelist Guide

SoundCloud uses an automated identification system in order to recognize copyright-protected content. This system is integrated into the upload process, meaning that all copyright-protected material will be recognized while being uploaded and blocked before it can go public on the platform. This can be disabled by placing accounts or tracks on the whitelist, ensuring that authorized users such as affiliated companies or PR agencies will be able to upload content without being repeatedly blocked.

To upload your content on your own channels, we advice you to put your label channel(s) and direct artist channels on the Account Whitelist via this link:

Account Whitelist

Please notice: Do not attempt to put third party accounts, such as promotion companies on the whitelist.

If you plan to let a third party (e.g. promotion channel)upload your tracks, then you have to put each track for each uploader on the ISRC Whitelistvia this link:

ISRC Whitelist

Please whitelist your tracks 2 working days prior to the upload to avoid getting the content blocked!

After putting your channels on the whitelist, they are automatically being requested for monetization.

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